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Chun Lang Su

May 6, 1934 - November 20, 2009

Chun Lang Su was riding in a car that was hit by another car at 10 A.M. on November 1, 2009 in Philadelphia and passed away at 5:31 P.M. on November 20, 2009 in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania as a result of injuries from the accident.

Dr. Su was born in Putian, Fujian located on the southeast coast of China. She began her medical career studying western medicine at Fujian Medical University. Upon graduating from Fujian Medical University in 1957, Dr. Su worked for five years as a doctor in the Pulmonary (Lung) Department of Anhui Provincial Hospital. Dr. Su then went on to continue her medical studies for the next three years at Anhui Chinese Medical University (1962-1965) learning a combination of western and eastern medicine. She fully embraced the values of eastern medicine and went on to share her knowledge as a professor at Anhui Chinese Medical University and work at its affiliated hospitals from 1966 to 1987. Dr. Su immigrated to the United States in November, 1987 and successfully owned and operated the Oriental Treatment Center in Philadelphia Chinatown from 1995 to 2009 as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine specialist with a loyal client base. She had a passion for educating others about the benefits of eastern medicine and was invited to lecture and share her knowledge with students at local universities. She was a caring, talented, and thoughtful woman with a healing touch that will be missed dearly by her family, friends, and patients. She is survived by her husband and grandson.

Dr. Su and Shu Kyi Ide

Dr. Su with Dr. Sherry Yin, her daughter and Shu Kyi Ide

Dr. Su and grandson.

Shu Kyi Ide and Dr. Su

Dr. Su with Shu Kyi Ide and son