Shu Kyi Ide, also known as Xiao Huang or Wong, was a student of the late acupuncturist Chun Lang Su at Oriental Treatment Center in Philadelphia. Shu Kyi Ide studied traditional Chinese medicine with Dr. Su from 1997 until Dr. Su’s tragic death in 2009.

Initially, Shu Kyi Ide studied with and assisted Dr. Su six days a week for several years. Later, after she entered Community Colleg
e of Philadelphia and then attended New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she devoted one or two days a week, except when preparing for exams, to study with Dr. Su.

Shu Kyi Ide completed her Master of Science degree for acupuncture in December, 2011. She is licensed to practice acupuncture in Pennsylvania.

During her time with Dr. Su, Shu Kyi Ide observed Dr. Su use a variety of acupuncture techniques to successfully treat many different conditions. In addition to the acupuncture treatment techniques that Shu Kyi Ide learned at New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she also relies on her study with Dr. Su when treating her own patients.

In August 2012, Shu Kyi Ide opened her acupuncture practice as

Wong Acupuncture Center

1108 South Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Office: (215) 923-4340

Cell: (267) 844-2153

Email: wong@shukyiide.com

The office is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Please visit the Wong Acupuncture Center website www.wongacupuncture.com for more information.